Clutch Kits

We are increasing our range of Clutch Kits every week and adding in new models. Please email us for a quote on your model. 

We offer the following kits:-

  • Clutch Friction Plate Kit Includes: A full set of replacement Clutch friction plates. Usually the metal/steel plates in clutches can be used for more than one clutch change as can the springs and these are the perfect kits to cheaply restore your clutches performance by just replacing out the worn friction plates.
  • Clutch Friction Plate and Spring Kits: A full set of clutch friction plates as well as a replacement spring kit. Over time (perhaps over 2-3 clutch friction plate changes) springs become compressed and ineffective, measure your spring 'free length' and compare to your O.E.M Manual spring specs to see if they are still within the usable tolerance. If not then use one of these kits.
  • Full Clutch Kit: The full Clutch Kit is a kit that contains all of the Friction Plates, Metal Plates and Springs to do a complete clutch overhaul and take the clutch back to a new performing condition.